For the First time in India, expert therapist
will show you how to


The modern world is replete with lifestyle disorders, chronic stress and a general paucity of time. But have we ever stopped to question our state of silent acceptance and inertia?  Is this mindless race leading us somewhere? Have we ever taken out real time for ourselves? If only we could hit the pause button!


Take a long, deep breath.
Relax. Listen to yourself.
Let your thoughts fade away into the light breeze.


We now invite you to Richfeel Spa, a cocoon of compassion, warmth and peace. A place where we gently take you into our folds, pamper and detoxify you thoroughly; leaving you feeling renewed as a freshly sprouted leaf. A spa with a difference, we also heal your pains with special therapeutic treatments performed by highly trained therapists. So, throw your worries to the wind. Get ready to pause, detox and refresh.

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